In 1st ESO, during the 2nd term, we had the opportunity to do English oral expositions about different topics. These are St.Valentine’s Day, St.David’s Day and Burns Night.

The class was divided into different groups. Each group was made up of four or five students. The teacher gave us some guidelines to follow. All students looked for some information on internet which was useful for them when doing the oral exposition. The materials used during the expositions were vídeos, cardboards, powerpoints, music, etc…

St. Valentine’s Day is celebrated on 14th February  and it is the day of love and friendship.

St. David’s Day is a celebration to remember a Catholic Bishop  who later became patron and saint of Wales.  It’s celebrated on 1st March.

Buns Night is a Scottish celebration when people remember the poet Robert Burns. It’s celebrated on 25th January.

In our opinion, it was fun to do these oral expositions because we learned a lot and at the same time we enjoyed ourselves as it was a different activity from the usual classe



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