During the second term, we did an oral exposition in our English class and we decided to perform a theatre play in front of the preschool children about St. Patrick’s day. We explained the children how it is celebrated, for example, people wear green clothes and there were shamrocks around the place. We explained the kids that St. Patrick is originally celebrated in Ireland, but nowadays it is also celebrated in other countries around the world.

A part of our play was about a boy called Patrick who didn’t have a saint and the fairies created him a perfect saint with all the characteristics he wanted like green clothes, the leprechauns and shamrocks.

The second part of our play was about another boy and his mother in a bakery shop  who wanted to buy something sweet.

At last, the boy bought green cookies, related to St. Patrick’s day. The cookies were delicious.

And finally, we gave them a drawing of a leprechaun, and they were very happy. They liked it very much. We asked them some questions about the play and they answered well.

In our opinion, we think that it was a very interesting activity and we would like to have the opportunity to do similar activities with the children.








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