During the second term, we did some oral expositions in our English classes about different celebrations which take place in different countries around the world.

These celebrations are St.Valentine’s Day, St.David’s Day and Burns’ Night.

The class was divided into several groups. The groups searched informations about these celebrations for two weeks. During these weeks we had four sessions to work on the oral expositions.

There were some groups who preapared typical food and costumes.The groups also made cardboards, theatres and PowerPoints with music.

St.Valentine’s Day is celebrated on 14th of February  and in many countries it is considered the day of love and friendship.The couples usually give red roses and chocolates as a gift to their partners.

St.David’s Day is celebrated on 1st of March. St.David is the patron saint of Wales. .According to the legend,St David advised the Britons on the eve of a battle with the Saxons ,to wear leeks in their caps so as to easily distinguish friend from enemy.This helped to secure a great victory.

In Scotland on 25th of January people celebrate Burns’ Night.These is the national celebration of the poet Robert Burns. People made mixes of traditional, vegetarian and modern Scottish dishes.

In conclusion, we think that all groups did very good expositions and we all learned a lot about the traditions of different countries. By these oral exposition we had the opportunity to speak in class which helped us to improve our English

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