From September to December some American girls came to our school to practice English and help the students. They were Claire and Becca. Becca was tall and she had long brown hair and tanned skin and Claire was short with brown hair too but she had pale skin.

When we did speaking classes with Claire, she said that we would play games to practice the pronunciation of English. We played different games like hangman, in which a person thinks of a word and then draws a line for each letter of the word. Other people then try to guess the letters that the word has in order to guess the word before the person who thought of the word can finish drawing a hangman.

Talking about Becca, she helped us with vocabulary and we learned new words.Becca also helped us during the making of our expositions and she told us some ideas. The expositions were about different topics about Australia, for example famous people like Kylie Minogue, Liam Hemsworth and Markus Zusak. Talking about Kylie Minogue, she was a famous Australian singer. She participated in a soap opera that made her famous. She had to say goodbye to her big dream to be a mother because she was ill. The expositions were also about important cities, animals, curiosities and traditions too. So for example, when talking about cities, we talked about Brisbane. Its population is around 3.5 million people and it has hot weather, with maximum temperatures that average about 30 degrees.

They talked with us about some aspects of their lives in the USA. Claire told us that her father is Spanish and her mother is from the USA. She said that she was born in the USA but she went sometimes to Madrid because it was the city where her father was born. She spoke perfect Spanish! She told us that she currently lives in California. She also told us things about politicians who think that all the people in the USA with double nationality should leave the country. This matter scares her a lot.

There are differences between their lives and ours, but there are similarities too! They said, for example, in their countries fruits are very expensive.  Also, we were very  surprised when they said that in their schools the students wear a uniform and that some people live in their schools. We expected that life in the USA would be more different, but they say that really life is very similar here. However, Claire said that when she travelled to New York she saw the enormous buildings and there were a lot of limousines in the street.

With Claire and Becca, we talked about ourselves. We talked about our families, whether we have a brother or sister, how old they are, how they look… We talked about our friends and what we do with them, if we play football, ride scooters or go outside and talk. We described our holidays, too. We talked about where we have travelled to and where we want to travel to. Also, we described our school, a big and modern school, and we told them about our special rooms like the laboratory, the pavilion and the art room.

Finally, we want to say that we learned a lot with them and they helped us a lot. They were very nice and friendly. We miss them. It was a good experience and we want to repeat it.

Americans Becca 2 ESO Americans Claire 1 ESO