During the second term we did oral expositions in our English classes about different typical English celebrations. We took four classes to do this activity. The class was divided in five groups and each had four or five students. The topics were Saint Valentine’s, Saint David’s and Burn’s Night.

To do these presentations we used videos, theatre plays, music, power points, etc. The presentations were very original although they weren’t too long.

Saint Valentine’s is celebrated on 14th February and it’s about love. Saint David’s day is celebrated on 1st March and it is a typical celebration of Wales. Burn’s Night is celebrated on 25th January and it’s a Scottish celebration. Some students did typical dances or brought typical food like some sweet desserts.

In conclusion, we think that to do oral expositions is a good idea, because it’s a different activity where we have fun but we learn at the same time. The celebration that we liked most is Saint Valentine’s because it is the most popular and we celebrate it since we were young.