Hello, we are JiN News and we have interviewed Carol, the school’s language assistant because she just arrived from another country and we wanted to know why she came, how was her life in Canada… And that’s why we interviewed her to get to know her better.

  • Where are you from? 

        I’m from Toronto, Canada.

  • When did you come to Spain?

        I came three months ago, it was July and there was perfect weather!

  • Why did you come to Spain?

Because I wanted a change in my life. I love traveling and this country is completely different from Canada, so I wanted to explore.

  • How is life in Canada?

    Life is very peaceful and calm. It’s very cold and it’s constantly snowing, so you may freeze in winter. If you like trekking, the forests and the mountains it’s the best place to go. 

  •   How old were you when you became a teacher?

I was twenty-one when I finished University 

  • Why did you become a teacher?

        I became a teacher because I believe education can change the world and I think that in this way you can teach others but you are also constantly learning.

  • Where you in another school before this one?

   Yes, I was in De Koningslide, a school in the Netherlands.

  •  Can you speak Spanish or any other language?

Well, I’m tryg to learn some Spanish.

  • In which university did you study?

         I studied at the University of Toronto.

  •   Do you have any hobbies?

     Yes, I love reading history books and I also like traveling.

  • Who do you prefer to be with, primary or secondary? 

Well, I actually prefer to be with 5th, 6th and the first years of ESO. I really don’t know why. I enjoy speaking with you all so much. But the truth is that I enjoy being with all students in general, I love teaching!

Thank you, Carol, for letting us know a bit of your time to know more about you, we hope you have a good time in this school and enjoy being a teacher. Thanks!