On Friday 30th October, the students from 4th of ESO Maria Escudero, Mar Garcia and Abril Martín prepared an activity for their classmates.

First of all, Martí Jareño told them a story about Jack O’Lantern. Later, the students hadto answer some questions about it in the Quiz. After the story the three girls started withthe Quiz. The questions were about Halloween, for example: When is Halloween celebrated? It is celebrated 31st October. Who was Jack O’Lantern? He was a man who challenged Lucifer. Where is it celebrated nowadays? It is celebrated in the USA, Ireland, UK and Canada. Which was the first place where Halloween was celebrated? It was in the Iberian Peninsula.

We divided the class into groups. Each of them had four papers with letters A to D, and when the girls asked them some questions, students had to raise their hands choosing the paper with the letter they think it was the correct one.

If they answers were right, teachers gave them a sticker and if not, they didn’t give them anything. At the end, they counted the stickers and the group who had the biggest amount won.

When they finished the Quiz, they visualized a home-made video which some students already made last year for the Halloween expositions in 3rd ESO. It was about a girl and a boy who were talking in a park at Halloween’s night when suddenly he disappeared.

All of these activities took place in “Sala d’Actes”. The activities were all very funny  and they had a very nice English class.

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