El Matt és l’ auxiliar d’anglès de l’escola i nosaltres li hem fet una entrevista per poder saber més coses d’ell….

Since when are you in this school ?

I’ve been here since Christmas, I started in January.

Do you like Barcelona?

Yes, I really like it, it’s a very special city. There are very few places in the world like Barcelona.

Where are you from?

I’m from Birmingham, which is a city in England. It’s considered the second biggest city in England, after London.

Why did you came here?

I came here because I wanted some experiencies of teaching. I thought that I would be a teacher in my country, but I like teaching here so much, that I will probably stay here.

What are the things that you like the most of this school?

The students, they’re all very nice, and the teachers too.

Which are your hobbies?

I like drawing, and I also like playing music. I have a banjo, that is a traditional Irish instrument.

What are some of the differences between your city and Barcelona?

The biggest diference is the climate. In a day like today, in my city everyone is wearing lots of coats, people don’t spend so much time at the street. Having a nice climate, people can do social activities more freely. In my neighbourhood here in Barcelona, in Gracia, sometimes there are people dancing in the squares and it’s very beautiful. I will never see something like that in my city. And the people are quite diferent, they have different personalities.

Which traditions are celebrated in your city?

My city is most famous for celebrating Saint Patrick’s Day, that’s an Irish tradition, but there’s a big community of Irish people that came to Birmingham, so every year we have a huge parade for Saint Patrick’s Day. Here you celebrate more traditions and celebrations than in my country, you have the town fest like “Santa Eulàlia” and “La Mercé”. They’re brilliant because there are a lot of interesting activities like the “correfocs”, that don’t exist in my country and they are spectacular.


Thank you Matt for your time!20160302_105302

Sofia Galán, Isabel Peñas i Emma Sanz.