Saint Patrick’s Day is a celebration of Ireland celebrated on the 17th of March. It’s celebrated because Saint Patrick is the patron of Ireland, and he brought christianity to the country. On Saint Patrick’s Day, people make parades, and they dress with green clothes. Saint Patrick’s Day is celebrated in Dublin, and in many other countries with Irish people.

To celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day in school we did expositions and theatre plays in English class. We had to decide if we wanted to do an exposition or some theatre.

We did exposition with differents groups of 4 or 5 persons for each group, to do this we had to memorise a speech, in these expositions we explained different things about the day. During 15 minutes each group performed to their class.

In the theatre  if we wanted to we could wear costumes, and bring props, cakes and green drinks. Between all the classes we decided one theatre play to represent in the loft.

I think that people liked it, because people were paying attention to all the plays. The actors were very nervous  but the audience was supportive.

People liked both things, both the theatres and expositions.

We would like to do it again, because it’s a nice change and it’s great to do different things. I think people especially liked the theatre, because it’s different from what we normally do in class. Some people prefer to do theatre plays, because they are prepared differently than the expositions  .