On the first term we did some speakings to show our classmates about typical British celebrations. These were Halloween, Bonfire Night and Saint Andrew’s day. There were six different groups explaining the different traditional celebrations. We worked at class searching on the internet for information and preparing the oral expositions.  There were different kinds of oral expositions such as plays, power point presentations or interviews.

3rd English Students

3rd English Students

The first exposition was Halloween celebrated on the 31st October. Halloween is based on the Christian feast of All Hallows’ Eve and it’s typical that children go trick or treating. These days the streets are decorated with skulls, bats and Jack o’lanterns. For this oral exposition there were some original ideas like a carved pumpkin, scary make-up and a theatre play.

The second one was Bonfire Night celebrated the 5th of November. This day commemorates the plot of blowing up the House of Lords and the murder of King James I. Now it is celebrated with displays of fireworks.  One of the groups represented a play explaining the plot and the other did an interview.

The last speaking was about St. Andrew’s Day which is celebrated the 30th of November and in Scotland it’s a national day. During this day it’s commemorated the patron with some celebrations.  One of the groups did a simulation of a TV programme explaining this day.

The aim of this speaking was to improve our English pronunciation and to speak fluently.  The general opinion of the students was that they enjoyed doing this activity which helped them improve their pronunciation.

3rd ESO B