During  the first term, we did some oral presentations in our English classes. The topics were Halloween, Saint Andrew’s day and Bonfire night. The class was divided in five groups: two groups worked on Halloween, two groups worked on Bonfire Night and one group represented Saint Andrew’s Day.

Firstly, Saint Andrew’s day is celebrated on the 30th November. This day, Scotish people celebrate this feast to commemorate the death of Saint Andrew, who is the patron of Scotland.

Secondly, Halloween is celebrated on the 15th October. During this night, the children go out the streets and they wear costumes. They do the trick or treat in different houses and people give them sweets.

Thirdly, Bonfire night is celebrated on the 5th November. British people celebrate the night in which Guy Fawkes set on fire the parliament. This day, people throw fireworks. A film about this celebration was done, which is called V for Vendetta.

During our oral presentations, some class groups prepared theatre plays, some power point presentations, some videos, and one group made a pumpkin. It was very funny! And some students also wore terrific costumes and monster masks. Moreover, there was a group who played their theatre representation for the 1st Primary students of the school, and all of them enjoyed it a lot!

We really enjoyed doing this project because we learnt a lot about British celebrations and the experience was very good. We all want to repeat it.



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