The student from 4th ESO Abril Martin wrote a great article about the oral expositions carried out in ESO classes each term, as a part of a class project. Here you are the article and pictures, we hope you enjoy it!

Every term, ESO students do an oral exam in groups. Some groups make a funny theatre, and in the second term some of them played it voluntarily for Primary students.


From 1st of ESO to 4th of ESO we have to do oral exams every term. Each group has a topic. The topic of the first term was “Australia”. Last year the topics were about the traditions of the United Kingdom: Halloween, Saint Patrick’s Day, Saint Andrew’s day, April fools day… In the speaking exam, each group first has to think what the oral exam is going to be about. When we know the topic, we have to organise and make a planning. During 3 or 4 days, we have the whole hour to work on it. After these working days, we have to expose it to the other students, and the teachers evaluate the expositions and the classwork.

During the first term, some groups decided to make a theatre, so they had the option of going to Primary classes to show our funny theatres. It was not obligatory. The theatres are entertaining and educative for the children, and the teachers are glad to have volunteer students from ESO that collaborate and participate in Primary activities.


From 1st to 4th of ESO the topic from the first term was were Australia. Some groups made their expositions about Australian famous people, Australian animals, Australian animals and vegetation, important Australian monuments or places, the gastronomy… in different ways.

There was a group from 1st ESO that dressed up like presenters of the news and they explained the news from Australia. Another group talked about the famous people, they mentioned one writer, one singer, one sportsman and one actor. One group of 4th of ESO pretended to be an Australian family with four members and each character explained what they liked. One loved sport, another one gastronomy… everything related to Australia. There was a  group who simulated a voyage to Australia and they explained all the things that they did in this trip. The price of the plane to go and come back, the best restaurants to go and the monuments that they wanted to visit, and a lot of funny things! And other groups spoke and then showed videos… the students did a lot of different things to talk


A lot of groups who prepared a theatre from 3rd and 4th ESO finally represented it to primary children during the last two weeks from the first term. In the act room all the children sat in the seats, and when the act finished the actors made a summary of the performance with the participation of the primary students. There was a theatre called “Christmas Carol”. It talked about the story of the Christmas ghost. The ghost of Christmas past, the ghost of Christmas present and the ghost of the Christmas dead (the ghost of Christmas future). There was a man without family who didn’t want to celebrate Christmas. For this reason, he tells his worker he has to work on Christmas night.

The ghosts appear in front of the man to show him the consequences of his acts. Another theatre from 4th ESO was about a group of friends who are watching a film, and they decide to go  to Australia. In Australia they see a lot of monuments and interesting aspects of this country.

In general, all theatres were funny and Primary students enjoyed them!


My group and I represented a theatre play called “Magic Museum”. First of all, we thought about the plot of our play, and when our teacher Elena told us it was ok, we started to work in class and we created the dialogues. During the last two classes, we rehearsed the play. The day of the exam we did our best! We also represented the play for two Primary groups, and I have to say that it was really funny. I love acting and if I have the chance to act for other people I will do it. It’s very funny and very beautiful to see the faces of the children when you are making absurdities.

After the theatre, we made a summary of it with the participation and questions from the children, in order to explain the plot more detailed in case they hadn’t understood something.


I talked with some students of 1st of ESO because I wanted to know their opinion of their first exposition exams in ESO. They told me that the expositions were very funny! “It is different to listen to the teacher and after some weeks have an exam, than prepare it yourself” they told me. They also commented that in 6th of Primary they did a similar speaking. They explained me that there were some groups that worked very hard and could advance the project a lot in class hours. They also said that they would like to have more freedom to decide their topic in order to be more creative. 1st ESO students valued positively to have the opportunity to practise the English pronunciation, because it is a great way to improve their expression in another language apart from Catalan and Spanish.

All in all, I encourage you guys to make the speakings a funny exposition! You will have fun during the project and you will enjoy while working!