Before Easter holidays, the students of the high group of 4th of ESO prepared some activities to explain to the other courses of ESO the Shakespeare’s play A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Afterwards, we went to see it at Poliorama theatre. We worked in groups of 4 or 5 people for a week. And then, a week before going to the theatre, we presented the expositions to the students from 1st, 2nd and 3rd of ESO.


Our group had to do the expositions to all the small groups. So we focused on each group and did different activities and expositions with each of them. Instead of making a power point as other groups did, we preferred to draw on the board and explain the play step by step. Then, after doing a summary of the play without spoiling it for them, we gave them a dossier with some activities to do. The activities were easy and fun so that everyone could do them and enjoy the class. The activities we provided were about matching words, completing sentences or even doing a little performance of the play.


Why did students do that? Because the teachers wanted to work on some personal values with us. Some of which were: practising oral speaking in front of different people that weren’t, like always, our same class. So instead of that, we did the oral expositions to the other classes of ESO. Another factor that teachers wanted to work on was the fact that the students were listening to the students of the same school but different ages. So they could see how they could improve their level. And hopefully this inspires them to work more on English language and realise about what they will be able to do in some years.


In conclusion we taught a class to the students, taking the role of the teacher for one hour. This fact made us design the class the way we wanted. So we tried to do it the most dynamical way possible and do funny activities to have a different ambience for the students. And thanks to this different activity we have learnt to express ourselves in English, to work cooperatively with our partners, to design class activities, and we have also learnt about William Shakespeare and his play.
In our opinion, we enjoyed doing this activity although we all agree that being a teacher is not an easy job. But the students were really receptive and we didn’t feel nervous or uncomfortable. It was a nice experience and we would like to do it again.


Written by: Maria Escudero and Mar Garcia.

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