In all the ESO classes, we prepared oral expositions about New Zealand in the first term for the English class. In 2nd ESO, we had the possibility of playing our representations for some Primary classes. Here you are a summary of our experiences:


THE NEWS –  Ariadna Figueras, Paula Sánchez, Marta Pardo, Oscar García, Maria Álvarez and Violeta Iglesias.

This representation is about five news from New Zeland: three cows that survived an earthquake, a rugby match, the weather, traffickers of sweets and a dangerous man. We prepared a video and we added some adertisements in the middle to make it real. While one person was explaining the news, the others made a representation of what happened in life. We decided tp do it like this because we like the topic of the news and we wanted to do it in a different way. We think that it can be funnier than a normal representation.


When we went to Primary classes to play our theatre, we had some problems. In the first class, we couldn’t use the sound. The students couldn’t see our videos and we think they couldn’t understand everything. In contrast, in the other class we could use the sound and it was a successful experience. In general, it was really funny! We recommend all students to participate in these theatres, and not to dare to play in front of other students because it is satisfactory to have a new experience.


MASTERCHEF VIP – Ainhoa Garcia, Berta Navarro, Maria Otín and Julia Urgelés.

The story starts when a group of famous people go to New Zealand Master Chef Vip TV program to participate. The famous people are Gandalf (from The Lord of the Rings), the singer Lorde and the actor Russell Crowe. During the show, Lorde and Russell Crow always tease each other and Gandalf makes them stop it. Then, they go to the supermarket to buy the ingredients to do the following plates: a kiwi juice, a souce of chocolate and horseshoe of chocolate. After buying, they return to the set and they prepare the plates that they have to do. When the time finishes, the program presenter says who is the winner: Lorde. Then, all the contestants start to sing her famous song “Royals”, and they go out of the set .


We got the idea because here in Spain there is a new Master Chef program with famous people called “Materchef Vip” and we thought that it could be really funny to mix gastronomy and famous people from New Zealand to create a theatre play. We went to 3rd and 6th Primary classes to play it, and we enjoyed it a lot. We did it last year too, and we recommend this experience. We think the students understood the story, and they also asked some questions at the end of the class.



MAORI VILLAGE – Enid Domech, Pol Mestres, Isabel Peñas and Emma Sanz.

Our story talks about two sisters that go on holidays to New Zealand. When they arrive there, they go to a Maori village. The Maoris are a tribe of native people from New Zealand. While the travellers are in the village, the maoris show them everything about their culture and traditions. First, it is hard for the girls to get used to the maori’s traditions and habits, but later they understand and like everything from their culture. They learn about their food, traditions and celebrations. The maoris tell the girls about their tattoos and what they represent . After that, they go to a Marae, which is a temple where they go to have celebrations and meetings with other tribes. The two sisters stay in the tribe two more days, and then they leave.


This idea came to our mind because Matt, our language assistand, told us about the native tribe from New Zealand, the Maoris. We looked for information about them and we found this topic so curious and interesting because they aren’t really known. It could be a good way to get students to know more about them.

some interesting tribes, and we decided to search for information. We find that the Maori were a really curious village.

We think that this experience was special because we had to show to some Primary students our theatre and usually we only show it to our classmates. In the first class, 5th of Primary, we were so nervous and we forgot the dialogue!  But in the second class, 3rd of Primary , we did it better because we weren’t so nervous. We think that the dialogue was difficult to understand and we maybe we should have changed it to make an easier language for their age. Anyway, we liked the experience and we would like to repeat it.